Free Photoshop Browser Template

nba screenshot

If you have ever designed a website in Photoshop or created a mock up for a client, you know the importance of checking your design against different screen resolutions. It can be annoying, however, it is a crucial task.

Everyone has their default screen resolution in which they test their website. I like to make sure all the websites I design fit well inside a 1024×768 resolution. Not many people are running 800×600, so I don’t worry too much about them. I just check to make sure the logo and main navigation are partially displaying.

So to save you the headache and time, I created a Photoshop Browser Template for your web projects. Many times we forget that toolbars, scrollbars and status bars take up pixels, which makes the actual live area smaller. The template has that all figured out!

The Adobe Photoshop .PSD file contains six different browser resolutions:


Of course there are dozens of other sizes, but these are considered the standard resolutions by most designers and developers.

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